Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looking like a celebrity

I don't look like any famous people in particular. People used to tell me I looked like Tina Youthers from Family Ties when I was a kid. Every girl wants to hear that she looks like a chubby celebrity, right? As I have gotten older, I don't look much like anyone besides a plump Betty White, according to Matt- my husband. He didn't say the plump part, but I own a mirror. I can see my body for what it is.

So I just finished watching a show I have been wanting to see.

"Kirstie Alley's Big Life"

Language and adult content aside (I watched it in the dining room with headphones so the kids didn't catch wind of it), I think this show does something wonderful for dieters everywhere.

It reminds us that even the rich and famous can still struggle like us (not so) little guys.

I watched the episode where it is her birthday, and her family and entourage throw her a surprise party. It looks like a hundred thousand dollar blast.

And then, I saw something familiar that happens in my not glamorous life too.

They brought out the birthday cake. And I saw THE LOOK.

You all know the look I am talking about, right? That "I know I shouldn't but I really want to eat some, and isn't this a celebration after all?" look.

Finally, I have the same look as a celebrity!!!

This has got to be one of the biggest struggles that I face. There are reasons to celebrate all around us. Easter candy is loaded up on the shelves, someone near you is having a birthday (AHEM, everyone but APRIL - contestant #8 -that is. Contrary to her April Fool's day facebook fiasco) and yummy goodies are everywhere.


Because this year, I made the conscious decision not to bring any Easter candy into the house. The girls got a couple of shirts, and our son got a DVD.

I don't want to have "the look" on my face. Not this year. I don't want to make the choice of celebrating with food. I want to celebrate by enjoying the people around me. People do not contain calories. Chocolate Bunny ears do.

How are you all celebrating Easter this year? What healthy choices are you making? I wanna know so I can get good ideas for next year too.

And Kirstie??? She didn't eat the cake. She sat up straight and said "I can't have cake."

Way to go, girl. That was the right decision to make. I don't mind looking like you at all!!!!

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  1. I avoided almost all Easter candy this year, too. Thankfully, Annalyn is still young enough not to know or care. (Although she thought she was going to go to town on the jelly beans and mini Twix bars she found in her eggs at my cousin's house.)

    Believe it or not, I actually haven't watched Kirstie's new show, although I want to! (And I will reply to your email - though belatedly - TODAY!!!) :)


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