Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I did it!

I finally got back down to 176! (uh, point eight, but still!)

So this diet thing is back on track. I have been trying to do all the right things, but Rachel (contestant #1) has been on me about not getting enough protien. If you have ever checked out my actual blog (Operation Shrink Charlie's Big Butt) you will know that I don't do high protien, low carb diets. Nope. Just a healthy smattering of everything good for you.

So in order to up my protien, I made sure I got good carbs in there too.

Yesterday, I had :

A protien shake (cause I am not a big breakfast eater)

High Fiber Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal

A cheese stick (not low fat, just a regular old cheese stick)

Yougurts (I think 3)

A plum

Cheddar cheese rice cakes (half a serving)

These AWESOME SNACKS.... (2 servings)

And some turkey bacon. Mmmmmm... pretend bacon.......

I basically tried to eat all day long. Little bits here and there. I think it helps keep my metabilosm up to burn through the whole day. I also walked 3 miles, and cleaned house. (That burns a ton of calories.... trust me)

So it's all falling into place. I can't let my self get sidetracked by cookies or pasta anymore. Just whole grains, healthy choices, and moving my body a little more.

How is everyone else doing???


  1. WHOOO HOOO!!!

    Turkey bacon??? is it any good??? Cause, I have a thing for real bacon and I'm just not sure it would ever be the same. Ya know?

  2. Looks like some yummy food!

    I LOVE turkey bacon though I havn't had the real thing in years!

  3. So how many grams of protein did you get in? LOL! Yesterday looks pretty good you just need more produce!!

  4. yippee!! good job! and way to incorporate all kinds of food, variety is the spice of life!! i'm trying to add more protein too, i have shakes, or Kashi Golean Crunch is a great cereal with tons of protien AND fiber and I use it for a snack just a handful of it w/ dried cranberries or even a small handful of 60% dark chocolate chips, it cures my cravings! I'll have to try those true delights, here's to a good start of the week!

  5. omg...i just bought some of those true delights...heavenly I tell ya! But I prefer the vanilla creme brulee...only because they are 60 cals instead of 110! Mmmmmm!

  6. Well, since I haven't eaten lunch yet, you've now made me HUNGRY!!


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