Sunday, April 4, 2010


I talked about my war with cookie dough the other night on Facebook. I thought I would show you. Since this whole competition is all about vlogging.... might as well be honest about it all, right?


  1. I ate some not-so-good stuff for ya today. And I don't feel guilty!lol It was really good!

  2. i'm still just so impressed with how far you've come already, it's amazing! I loved the workout video, so cute and funny..and you know what it's OK to have a cookie, if we deprive ourselves or make ourselves afraid of certian foods,then we binge once we get have a cookie! eat it slowly savor every bite, then you may find you don't need 3-4 at a time to feel satisfied cuz you actually "tasted" it..i have a problem of inhaling food so i've been really trying to hard to be conscious of what I am eating, eat it slowly, and I find I truly don't eat as much, I've been leaving some on my plate or feel satisfied after a couple bites!! Thanks for your support too, I'm trying not to care too much what the scale says, but it's nice when it LOWERS more than a 1lb..let's hope for a more successful week, you can do it!!


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