Monday, April 12, 2010

Perking up on a Monday

Floating along....

The personal goal of my current life is to up my water intake. We are now going to play the game of “Rosetta Stone- learning the language of the diet”

Statement: I am going to up my water intake.

Translation: For every 4 cups of coffee I consume, I must match it with 32 ounces of water.

Secondary meaning: I will be running to pee every 20 minutes.

Maybe I drink a little too much coffee. As a SAHM (stay at home mom) I guzzle the stuff like it’s oxygen. It’s Mama’s gogo juice. Her reason for waking up. (To be clear, my family is my reason for breathing. Waking up is an entirely different matter…)

Statement: Maybe I need to lay off the joe just a bit.

Translation: I drink entirely too much coffee.

Secondary meaning: My body is getting a whole lot more water than it is used to with the coffee matching system, because I don’t have any intention of giving up coffee- I'll consider reducing- but never removing.

Not that it’s a horrible thing. And I have tried replacing coffee with hot tea, chai, and other alternatives, but nothing perks me up in the morning like a cup (or 5) of my Resurrection Blend Coffee (made by Raven’s Brew) and helps me get the kids off to school on time.

With all the water, however, I have noticed an old problem rearing it’s ugly head once more.

Statement: For those of you who don’t know me well, I am “odorly challenged.”

Translation: 99.9% of products out there don’t work on my pits.

Secondary meaning: I STANK 100% of the time.

Embarrassing as it may be, it’s a good sign that my body is ridding out all the toxins and crap that I have put back in there since my plateau hit.

I don’t need to translate that one. You know what it means. It means that I got lazy and was letting the diet slide. Not good.

So as I am brewing the second pot of the day (my husband took a thermos to work of coffee, I didn’t drink the whole 12 cups. Just 6 of them…) and trying to enjoy the drudgeries of laundry, I wondered how everyone else handles getting their water intake up. Do you guys drink things like Crystal Lite? Any fun waters out there I should know about?

(Are there any that taste like coffee???)


  1. I just drink water..sometimes juice, but i'm not a coffee or soda person..BUT I do put crystal light packets in my water a lot AND they have Green Tea packets (so does Lipton) that have Caffeine in them so that can help in place of a jillion cups of coffee! and you're getting water at the same time! I know, I'm a genius..obviously not at losing weight, but at giving random bits of we're all in this together!

  2. I drank 86 ounces of water today...that's a lot for me. I peed... a lot. Make sure you have a bathroom nearby at all time till your body gets used to the extra ounces! :o)

    Crystal Lite is ok but it's never made me drink more water because it was in there.

  3. I count my countless mugs of tea that I need to get me going and keep me going as my water intake. However, I know that I need to reduce my intake of tea and its caffeine content big time. I have upped my intake of plain water but yes I need to pee a lot!

    I have tried brushing my teeth and then using mouthwash to rid me of the tea drinking habit. The mouthwash just doesn't go with the tea and you do have to stick with it and not give in like I did!


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